About me

Hi there, I'm Antonio Silva.

I made this page to put some "quick codes / examples" with the purpose of helping the people that for some reason arrived here, and to practice what I'm learning in English classes :). This is my "Today I learned".

What I’m going post is usually what I’m studying, a problem I had and how I resolved, or working on, so, many of posts will be in the following subjects: Mobile, Web, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Problem Solving and Algorithms, being able to extend to other things. The content you’ll find here are quick tips.

If you came here for any reason and would like to contribute to this page, feel free to do a PR. You can post content, correct grammar (haha!), etc.

A little bit more about me:

I’m a Brazilian Software Engineer @ C.E.S.A.R, working with Android Embedded Applications. Also handle a MSc degree in Computer Science (Machine Learning, NLP, SE) and have passion for programming. I work with end-to-end systems (literally!), creating APIs, scripts and apps. Lately I’ve been working with mobile sdk, integrating computer vision algorithms through JNI (for Android) and the so-called Objective C++ (iOS + C) for creating apps. I like to work with various technologies and areas (such as mobile, web, and data science) and when there’s a little time I like to solve problems of hackerrank and leetcode for example, besides studying algorithms. I’ve identified a lot with the development of native apps (mobile) and trying something fun with python and ML.

My full resume: (SOON)

My Projects: (SOON)

And finally, I tend to participate in some communities like Android meet ups, Geeknight, etc.